Pre-owned Inventory Display

May 1, 2015 admin
Banner TV

dynavidtv is the perfect platform to show your in store service customers you thirty day and older inventory. dynavidtv can automatically display your used vehicles that are also on your website but with the added benefit of displaying 30+ day or 45+ day aged vehicles with the click of a mouse. We can provide you with our dealer’s testimonials who regularly sell cars because they show the right car at the right time to the right buyer.

Sales Boards

April 15, 2015 admin
Boards, Digital Signage

Take your sales tracking into the 21st century and display month to date sales by sales person for new and used sales.  Display CSI by sales person and department (Retail / BDC / Marketing).  Highlight current dealership sales contests.  Customer appointment information is possible with a RSS feed from your dealership’s CRM vendor.  Dynavid’s sales boards are appropriate solutions to display in desking areas as well as in a general manager and owner’s offices.

  • Automatically updates sales progress for new, used and CSI
  • Displays dealership incentives
  • Displays today’s appointments
  • Ideal for general manager and owner offices as well as meeting rooms