Service Special Campaigns

May 3, 2015 admin
Banner TV, Campaigns

Promote high margin Fixed Op services.

dynavidtv can help you promote your high margin Fixed Op services while providing your customers appreciated price transparency.

dynavidtv will increase your service business and we can let you talk to dealers who are enjoying their increased incremental service business.

Accessories & Part Sales

May 2, 2015 admin
Accessories, Banner TV, Part Sales

dynavidtv is great at promoting high margin and high sales volume parts and accessories. By informing your customers with accessory inventory and pricing you provide transparency that they can use to make an immediate decision while in your showroom. It is a documented fact that 74% of all brand decisions are made while the customer is in your store. dynavidtv delivers the price transparency that gives your customers the comfort and confidence to buy now and not later.