2016 Digital Signage Trends

April 14, 2016 Pero Krpan
Digital Signage, General


Digital signage has become a primary means of communication for advertisers. The automotive industry does not fall behind, either. As it turns out, there is room – namely, the last three feet in the store – to make an impact and improve the sales. How you ask? With digital signage and service menu boards, of course! Rydell Chevrolet in Northridge, CA has 4 Dynavid digital signs installed. (more…)

Digital Signage and the New Car Dealer

January 5, 2016 Pero Krpan
Digital Signage


Customer experience, engagement, and sales can all benefit from the right digital signage (DS) strategy in new car dealerships. Digital media has and continues to make expanding inroads into a wide variety of retail spaces, offering businesses an opportunity to promote the brand, educate customers about products and increase overall customer engagement.

Digital signage in new car dealerships should target two audiences: potential buyers entering the showroom and car owners coming to the service center for repairs and maintenance. (more…)