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April 14, 2016 Pero Krpan
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Digital signage has become a primary means of communication for advertisers. The automotive industry does not fall behind, either. As it turns out, there is room – namely, the last three feet in the store – to make an impact and improve the sales. How you ask? With digital signage and service menu boards, of course! Rydell Chevrolet in Northridge, CA has 4 Dynavid digital signs installed.

Our customers have given me very positive feedback, and it’s easy to update. I really think it’s a worthwhile addition to any store. So from Rydell in Northridge, I give this program five stars. They really have a great product and great service.”

– Kelly Cashman. Service Director at Northridge Chevrolet.

Forrester analyst, JP Gownder reports that “2016 will be the year of digital signage and displays.” And we do trust Forrester when it comes to business predictions. Apparently, digital signage has become “a dynamic, disruptive, interesting technology,” giving enough space for vertical industries to drive innovation and grow in volume. This all leads to improvement of technology and digital signage being more available and accessible than ever. And its best days are yet to come.


Digital signage trends & predictions for 2016

It is predicted that the following trends will be seen in 2016 in terms of digital signage:

More digital screens

Since technology is practically dictating the development of the entire world and the internet, high-resolutions screens of exceptional quality are becoming ever more available to small business owners, which creates a clear path for digital signage to penetrate into every pore of a store or dealership for that matter. We will see digital screens everywhere, and the bigger they are, the more visible and impactful they will be.

Data visualization

Digital screens are designed with the intention to present concepts and data in a more appealing way. This made room for not only advertising channels, but also their usage in other areas, such as schools, museums, galleries, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, etc.  Car dealerships can expect digital signage to present their offers, car specials, and more – in a more powerful way.


When signage became digital, everybody thought that it was the limit – that nothing could be better than moving pictures. However, digital signage learned from mobile devices; interaction is the key to success. Digital signage now (and in the future) has a growing trend of relying on touch technologies. Namely, the biggest dream of every digital board is to draw its viewers to become its users. The medium is now as close to the consumers as it can be.


Mobile technologies come hand in hand with interactivity. Even though it is sometimes impossible to separate them, they still need to be defined this way because of their biggest difference – the ability of movement. Interactive devices need not be mobile as a rule, but mobile, even though they do use touch technology, are agile, as their name says. This idea is, however, still in development, but it is evident from self-kiosks, for example, that digital signage will “grow feet and wings” and become attached to a user rather than to walls and TV screens.

Google signage?

Another one straight from the horse’s mouth. The word is that Google is going to get into digital signage business shortly. As of 2017, it is announced that they will unveil their new operating system – Chrome OS, Wall Street Journal reports. This OS will be so powerful that it will become a native operational system for companies who use web-driven signage CMSs.


5 things to keep in mind

Another expert, Rick Mattock from Corporate Tech Decisions, suggests that you need to watch for the following things if you want to use digital signage as your preferred means of communication with your customers:

  1. The audience – If you are a local dealer, you will have to keep in mind what your audience – usually local people – need, expect and want. By that, you should make decisions about content, presentation, and design.
  2. The medium – In the 21st century, it is hard to imagine the world without digital signage: boards, interactive devices and other shiny objects, so think of all the ways in which you can engage your customers with DS.
  3. The timing – Digital signage follows the old adage that you need to present ‘the right thing to the right people at the right moment.’ And it makes sense that you need to put DS in the right places, doesn’t it? – Use even the last three feet in the store. Display your offers when your customers are sitting in the waiting room: instead of wasting time, present them new cars, part sales, services, etc.
  4. The message – Maybe the biggest challenge would be to find the right way of transmitting your message to your audience. You need to know their needs, their likes, and dislikes and find the best solution possible, according to their personal appeal.
  5. The response – At the end stands the response, the beloved response of our audience. Whether they will engage or interact and give us a response depends solely upon the things we have to say to them. Thus, think big and get yourself a digital signage solution.

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