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October 9, 2018 Ryan Williams
Digital Signage


Digital transformation fundamentally changed how companies operate. Big and small, all enterprises must embrace the change and work as the 21st-century advancements dictate. If your company is still struggling with keeping everything on paper and leaving no digital footprint – you must be in deep trouble.

One of the strategic opportunities of transformation is the deployment of digital advertisements. Since this market is up-and-coming, there are certain trends which have emerged throughout the years.

In the past couple of years, we have seen many dealerships riding on the tide of change – which only brought them good. 2017 was a tumultuous year and some things we have predicted last year came true, and some did not – but we have learned in the process.

Here we present you five digital signage trends coming from Digital Signage Today.


1. Responsive content

Let content be your mantra. The adage that Content Is King is true both on the Internet and in the digital signage world. Visually appealing graphics, adaptable frames, and responsive, personalized video – these all must become your prerogative.

No matter if you are using a 50-inch screen in your window or the newest in-store iPad, the content you display on them has to be adjusted to the needs of the customer – whether they are to interact with the board or stay dazzled by the clip you are broadcasting.

If you improve the content and make it responsive, your prospects will also respond. By this, we mean that if it is summertime, you can broadcast land rovers and other sporty vehicles to instigate outdoor activities. If it seems like it is going to snow, exhibit winter tires and snow chains – and add some tutorials on how to fit them.


2. AI

A natural next step of active content is artificial intelligence. It is believed that people will no longer have to schedule content – computers will do it, no outside intervention needed. It also seems that computers will get messages from the outside, analyze data and automatically trigger sending target messages to specific audiences.

For example, you can make this a two-way interaction and try to improve service satisfaction. When your customers leave the room, the sensors detect their leave and broadcast interactive customer satisfaction surveys. You can ask them about the service, whether they would improve anything or if they have words of praise. What you get is a win-win situation: your customers will be able to express their mind, and you will improve your service in the end.

Seems like a sci-fi movie? Such data-analysis systems are currently being worked on and will be able to analyze enormous amounts of data and combine it into an intelligent technology.


3. UHD screens become standard

Your digital display is the looking glass of your business. The screen shows the stars and stripes advertisements, which must be representative of your company culture. If the screen is blurry, this will not have a good impact on the other side.

“2018 will be the year that UHD becomes the new standard. And there’ll be more colors as well, as the industry moves from sRGB to BT.2020, which not only has 4K and 8K resolutions of 3840 by 2160 and 7680 by 4320, but frame rates of up to 120p, and boasts a color field that is very possibly greater than what the human eye can actually perceive.” -Digital Signage Today

There is a high demand for Ultra High Definition or 4K or 8K screens, also known as UHD. It has been more than six years since they have been introduced and they showed only the best performance so far.

What is best is that when UHD becomes standard, you can also expect a drop in price, thus making them more affordable for your business.


4. Impactful narratives

One-shot messages are for the static signs. Video boards, on the other hand, must be well thought-out and you need to define long-term goals to make a breakthrough in your narratives. If the story you are broadcasting is weak, so will the response be. In this matter, the aim should be to create content that will turn your one-time customers into returning customers.

No matter how tempting it would be to turn it into a one-way communication tool, you must resist the urge and allow your employees to interact with the boards, too. You can encourage them to submit feedback or dealership photos, sayings and other materials that seem appropriate for your dealership culture.


5. Digital blur

In 2018, digital signage is expected to integrate into more and more real-world events. Not only festivals and airports, but also at malls and in interactive kiosks. As geofencing and beacons finally get the spotlight, we will see people getting notifications from their apps when they enter a particular area that will invite them to follow the trail and get caught up in the information-rich world.

The world will indeed be digital, and there will be almost no way to distinguish it from the real world. The thin line will soon be deleted.

Welcome to the future of digital signage.


Integrated signage solutions

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