Digital signage trends in 2017

January 24, 2017 Pero Krpan
Digital Signage


The biggest benefit of digital signage, according to a survey of Digital Signage Today is improved customer experience and improving customer experience is Dynavid ’s focus.

With 2017 Digital Signage Expo being just around the corner, we have decided to give DS some thought and see what the future of this powerful technology holds.

2016 in review

In our 2016 digital signage trends article, we have predicted that there will be more digital screens everywhere, and this trend has been confirmed: as you can see, every customer-centric business now has them.

Not only are businesses interested in DS: we have seen digital signs making an entry and being used for education purposes at schools, museums and galleries where many people had the chance to interact with them. And while mobile in DS was hugely popular (i.e. Pokemon Go game) we still have not heard much about Google signage – though a concept – but we truly believe that it is possible to see it sometime in the future.

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2017 digital signage trends

Digital engagement

Digital signage made a breakthrough in advertising and now seems to impose itself as the ultimate digital engagement solution, at least according to DST. What their research has shown is that this technology proved to leave its mark on the consumers much longer than thought – almost 82% of people who saw DS remembered the ads that have been displayed on them!

This number suggests that consumers are finally amused by dynamic signs as opposed to static advertising, which leaves room for updates and higher numbers in 2017.


Internet of Things and digital signage

Due to the popularity of IoT, which can be defined as a large network of physical objects that can be connected and controlled via the Internet, it comes perfectly natural to think that DS will be a standard part of IoT. While this network is still in its early days, it can only be assumed how powerful an impact it will have in the future. For example, Gartner predicts that by 2020, IoT will be installed on 26 billion units!

Imagine coming to work at your car dealership, turning IoT in your store on and having customers engaged via interactive screens! Based on a number of parameters and by allowing the system to read the environment and communicate with other objects, it would make the whole store much more pleasant to work in. Just remember the hairspray ad in Swedish subway which reacted to coming trains by blowing wind into a model’s hair (source: the Huffington Post).

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With so many things being connected via the Internet, we are looking forward to seeing digital signage and IoT as a part of one system.


Decreasing operational costs

With a number of different companies offering a plurality of DS services and the fast development of technology, we have come to the realization that in 2017 we can expect bigger screens and a decline in operational costs of DS. Sure, one can decrease the costs at the expense of service quality, but one needs to have in mind that truly best digital signage vendors, such as Dynavid from San Rafael, think of their customers first.


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