Rules for effective digital signage copy

July 8, 2016 Pero Krpan
Digital Signage

Digital signage is everywhere. If you go shopping, you see it on menu boards. If you go on a journey, you see it on big digital billboards. If you go car shopping, you see it in the dealership waiting room. This kind of advertising has become a normal way of engaging customers. Pretty straightforward as well. “Look at what we can offer you!” And people do.

However, it would not work without an appropriate digital signage copy. Even though not every dealership can hire a copywriter, many today use their current workforce and try to work as best as they can with what they have at their disposal. To help your workers stay on the right path, we have decided to help you educate your dealership staff in writing an effective digital signage copy.

The five rules for writing compelling digital signage copy:


Rule 1: Keep it super simple (KISS)

KISS is always the right solution. Digital signage is not about telling endless stories. It is about making an impact on the viewers, with the goal to create active users. Short, yet effective messages, such as brand slogans can serve as an inspiration for you. Just remember McDonald’s “I’m loving it” and Nike’s “Just do it.” Three to five words will be just enough.

Rule 2: Use puns and humor

No matter what type of car dealership you work for, small or big, the customers will always fall for a good laugh. Metaphors, puns, humor, poetic images – these all work in a copy intended for your audience. Try something like this: What drives your engine?

Rule 3: Free of the spelling rules

Just like in poetry, this kind of copywriting allows for breaking grammar and spelling rules. Think of the McDonald’s slogan mentioned above which uses gerund for the verb love, which does not permit it in the standard usage – but it works! Why? It is memorable! Use your imagination and do not worry about grammar that much. What is important is your target audience, and they are usually not grammar enthusiasts.

Rule 4: One to two messages per screen

Nobody likes information overflow. It is your duty as a dealership copywriter / service advisor / office assistant to know that long stories do not work, especially in this kind of effective means of communication. One to two messages per screen would be just about enough for the viewer to grasp.

Rule 5: Use repetition

Repetitive content with parallel structure has shown to be effective. Similarly to poetic images, you can also use rhyme because it helps people memorize things and associate the message with your brand. Drive free. Drive now is quite the right example of good usage of repetition.

Rule 6: Never mention brand name

This one may surprise you, which is why it comes last. Even though you want desperately to include your brand name in a DS copy, resist this urge! Make people curious, make people want to search for you, allow them to explore and be surprised by their discovery. Recurring images that come out of the memory all of a sudden are the purest gold of visual arts, so why not use it to your advantage?

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Final words

Digital signage is only a tool for transmitting a message. It needs to be compelling, memorable, short and positioned in the right surroundings. If you are interested in finding the right digital signage solution for your dealership, call Dynavid on 1.877.772.8832 (or text Demo to (415) 300 2002 – Msg&Data rates may apply) to set up a demonstration today.


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