Digital signage is for everybody (not just the pros)

July 12, 2017 Pero Krpan
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As opposed to static signs, dynamic signage is considered one of the best investments into business. Even though it has been around for more than a decade, many car dealers still do not see the full scope of its application, so they avoid using it thinking that it is made for big shots. Well, it is not. In fact, digital signage is for everybody, not just big dealerships and businesses. Being automated with OEM’s specials, your internal service, parts and accessories specials and pricing with your pre-owned inventory display eliminates any work from you and they are a no-brainer.


Can you afford not having digital signage?

Often, the biggest concern of smaller dealership is the price of digital signage. The assumption that larger corporations also have bigger advertising budgets may hold true, whereas, in smaller ones, the accounting needs to know where every quarter goes to. However, since digital signage brings more benefits and increases profits and CSI, one cannot help but wonder if one can even afford not having it.

In practice, this would mean losing money on investing only into regular advertising options instead of investing in a technology that brings bigger profits and communicates the message at the right moment to the right people. Besides, hiring an extra sales person is definitely more expensive than a simple digital display which communicates better than anything you have seen so far.

If your dealership cannot afford to buy the most expensive digital board which would cover up the size of a football field, simple TV monitors will do the trick. Think of it this way: find a suitable signage software which would scale to the size of your dealership and make the most of your budget.


Why digital signs are important

One of the main reasons for getting digital displays is because they are practical and eye-catching. Research shows that digital signage attracts the attention of 63% of consumers and is also highly engaging since 47% of respondents reported that they remember what the sign was about.

The second reason would be – because your competition already has them. Even though following trends blindly does not do any good, it is smart to use things that have proven to be successful. If your dealership would like to use the latest and most efficient form of advertising, this can be one of the strongest reasons for adopting this wonder of technology.

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Think of signage as an extra member of your team. This silent sales person can be close to the ideal: it is highly communicative, always visible, displays the right information – be it inventory highlights, fixed-op offers, new car specials, pre-owned vehicles offers, extended warranties or pre-paid maintenance info, you name it! It saves time and money you would otherwise have to invest in making corrections and periodic updates, should the need for any of them arise, as opposed to static signs and print ads and billboards which can have typos and old information. Moving signage demand just to plug it in and pressing START.

And above all, this solution improves awareness not only of your company but your product line as well, so your customers can rest assured that your business is completely transparent.


About dynavid ds.

Dynavid is a best-of-breed digital signage vendor in the US, with its dynavid ds. solution for all car dealerships which want to improve their communication with customers and suppliers and improve the in-store experience. Even if you do not have a NASA budget, you can still skyrocket your business and benefit from this advanced technology. Learn more about our product on our Digital Signage page and contact us to give you a free demonstration today.

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